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            Here an expert horticulturist will visit your site once in a week. He will plan, guide and monitor day to day horticulture activities of work execution.
                  Our foreman may also visit your site as and when directed by THE HORTICULTURIST.
                  We supply free inputs to our client’s sites for monthly horticulture maintenance contract with or without gardeners. These are:

A).  Chemical inputs like insecticides , Acaricides, fungicides, bactericides, herbicides, plant hormone, tonic , DAP, UREA, POTASH, Zinc, Calcium, Copper, Boron, Sulfur etc;  

B). Seeds of seasonal Flowers/Fruits/Vegetables;

C). Farm implements with less than Rs 1000/ MRP like Hedge cutter, Khurpi, Kassi, Fawra etc

D). we also replace dead plants with new one if it die during our maintenance contract period free of cost


Above items are Free with monthly horticulture maintenance contact as and when recommended by The Horticulturist.

We follow principle of Integrated Farm Management:

a).  For termite,  sucking, chewing, biting, boring  and other types of Insects & Mites ;  we apply Insecticides  frequently. Monthly one to four foliar or root zone or soil application is sufficient.

b). For Disease we use 3 to 5 foliar spray and annually 3 times soil application of chemicals.

c). For weed problem we use monthly 1 – 2 foliar spray  of herbicides on grass lawn, Pre-sowing or post emergence on vegetables and  total herbicides on wasteland/roadside or fruit orchard.

d).For leaves shining of plants/shrubs/hedge and for bigger fruits/flowers/ vegetables we use plant tonics & hormones frequently as foliar and soil application.

e) We cultivate owner preferred seasonal flowers/fruits/vegetables on farmhouse.

f) We also improve landscape by modified new plantations on nominal extra cost and fee.


Please! Note here we do not provide Diesel, Petrol, Electricity, Lawn Mower, Pots, Okhla Khad, Gobar KHAD , Yamuna Sand, irrigation system repair or any items which are not mentioned in our proposal or agreement letter. Also note that monthly maintenance contract with gardeners , you have to follow government rule.




                 Here we improve one or many of the following items at sites:

          2.1. Installation of a new irrigation system,

          2.2.  Screening of naked boundary wall by shrubs or climbers,

          2.3.  Compost peat making,

          2.4.  Tree base and pots coloring with terracotta color,

          2.5.  New plantation of ornamental plants, Training -  Pruning of hedge, shrubs & trees,

          2.6.  Nursery making under green net shade,

          2.7.  Fencing against Peacock for vegetables




   Here we follow 5 stages and each stage has separate fee:

            3.1.             PLANNING & PRESENTATION: 

Here our expert visits the site to obtain following information’s:

A). Site topography,

B). Soil and water quality,

C). Irrigation Water availability

D). Owners initial developmental and regular maintenance budget,

E). Site development objective,

F). Cash flow and development phase, time and duration decision.

                                After obtaining above information; he will submit a key plan on paper/CD/pen                      drive/email.

           3.2. DESIGN MAKING: As per clients budget, we provide 2D design by hand or computer  or 3D animation design in a week time. Design may be submitted to you on paper, CD, pen drive or through email.

          3.3. BOQ or BILL OF QUANTITY ESTIMATION: Here we do estimate of Grass, shrubs, trees, hedges, soil, sand, Fertilizers, Khad, Pesticides, herbicides, laborers including number, quality, quantity & height.

          3.4. COST  ESTIMATION: Here we provide unit cost of each input  prevalent in Delhi Market during current season. Also include total cost.

          3.5. WORK EXECUTION MONITORING BY SITE VISIT or taking whole execution contract: Here we make a team to execute plan and design approved by owner under the horticulturist guidance and visit site to monitor work.



Here you have to give a fee in advance for planning, design drawing, BOQ estimation. For work execution, need fund to purchase materials.


4.1. DRIP Irrigation: Here we use 4 and 8 liter per hour capacity dripper on 12mm or 16mm LLDPE laterals and 50mm to 90mm PVC sub main and main.

4.2.  Sprinklers: Here we use portable sprinklers set.

4.3.  Rain- Gun: Depending on water supplying capacity of tube well ; it may cover up to 100ft radius.

4.4.  Desi Type: This is simple type where 18mm or 24mm ball valve outlet is fitted on 50mm to 90mm uPVC  pipe.

4.5.  Fogging system is generally used under green shade net for nursery , English Vegetables and Indoor plants nursery.




     5.1. Alkaline or salty soils: Here in Delhi and NCR , soil ph is generally 8 plus.  For plants best growth, flowering, fruiting and leaves shining; ph range of 7 plus 0.5 or minus 0.5 is best. In Delhi, due to high ph, nutrient supplying capacity and tendency of soil is negative.  It do not allow root to absorb phosphorus, Boron, copper, Zinc, Manganese etc  efficiently. So foliar spry is must followed by activities which reduce soil ph. Jonapur in Mehrauli has   soil ph above 8.5

   5.2.   Saline irrigation water: Some part of Delhi & NCR has hard to saline water. Electrical conductivity of irrigation water influence plant growth, flowering & fruiting.  TDS of irrigation water as increases; so it become poorer for plant use. Kanganhedi near Bamdoli in Delhi has EC more than 8 unit.

   5.3.   Low quantity of water available for irrigation, Such as Jaunapur in Mehrauli, Hilly area.

   5.4. Cattle grazing problems,

   5.5. Very low budget for maintenance or development,

   5.6. High insect problems like termite, Milibug, Caterpillars, Semiloopers, Aphids, Jasids, Thrips,  Stem- borers, Pod- borers, Beetles,  Soil-grubs,  Flies, Mites, etc.

   5.7. Very big sites,

   5.8. Multiple sites of an owner.

   5.9. Absentee owners like NRI, etc.

   5.10. Rented   farmhouse to embassy or corporate.

   5.11. Plant diseases like fruit- cracks, fruits-drops, Flowers- Drops, Citrus- Decline, Citrus-Dieback,  Leaf spot, stem- rot of Bottle Palm, Dieback of Silver Oak, Mango leaf rosette etc.

   5.12. High weed problems in lawn like motha, On Roadside, in vegetable/fruit field

   5.13. Insect & Nutrition management for Organic Farming,

   5.14. Greenery maintaining under Shade like below a tree.

   5.15.  Early Cultivation of Vegetables, flowers etc.

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