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We provide different types of horticulture services as contract or consultancy under expert horticulturist guidance. Our services are available only in Delhi and NCR. Our Popular landscape horticulture services are:
  1.     Supply of all types of ornamental plants & grass from our nursery at Yamuna Pusta Delhi  & Chhattarpur - Mehrauli Area delhi, at cheaper rate. Plants lists and photographs are on      other website Indoors, outdoors, Bonsai, Topiary, hanging baskets, Coloured leaved, Succulents, Ground cover, Hedge, Climbers, Flowering shrubs & tree, Palm, Lucky Bamboo, etc.
.          2.    Monthly horticulture maintenance contract of farmhouse occupied by embassy, Industrialist or Businessman with mali/gardeners or without Gardeners, and  
             always  with inputs/materials

3.       Horticulture landscape improvement work for a site on contract basis and also execute petty farm works like installation of shade net for nursery or English vegetables, Vormi-compost, Compost peat making etc.

4.         Planning, Design drawing, BOQ i.e. standard quantity estimation, Cost Estimation and horticulture work execution on a site for landscape development.

5.       Installation of modern irrigation system like drip, sprinklers, pop ups, foggers, traditional type etc. 

6.       Solve Major Horticulture  Problems on a  site with :

6.1. Alkaline or salty soil, with ph 8, 9 or 10

6.2. Salty or saline water with EC 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 etc.

6.3.  Low quantity of water available for irrigation, Such as Jaunapur in Mehrauli, Hilly area.

6.4. Cattle grazing problems,

6.5. Very low budget for maintenance or development,

6.6. High insect problems like termite, Milibug, Caterpillars, Semiloopers, Aphids, Jasids, Thrips,  Stem- borers, Pod- borers, Beetles,  Soil-grubs,  Flies, Mites, etc.

6.7. Very big sites,

6.8. Multiple sites of an owner.

6.9. Absentee owners like NRI, etc.

6.10. Rented   farmhouse to embassy or corporate.

6.11. Plant diseases like fruit- cracks, fruits-drops, Flowers- Drops, Citrus- Decline, Citrus-Dieback,  Leaf spot, stem- rot of Bottle Palm, Dieback of Silver Oak, Mango leaf rosette etc.

6.12. High weed problems in lawn like motha, On Roadside, in vegetable/fruit field

6.13. Insect & Nutrition management for Organic Farming,

6.14. Greenery maintaining under Shade like below a tree.

6.15.  Early Cultivation of Vegetables, flowers etc.


       1.       Chanakyapuri Embassy Area,

       2.       West End Farmhouses, Amaltas, Maulshri, Casurina, Shivaji marg, Golden gate, ashoka avenue, gulmohar,Bougainvilliea.

       3.       The Greens, Rajokri,

       4.       Kapasheda Farmhouses,

       5.       Pushpanjali Farmhouses,Bijwasan

       6.       Ansal Farmhouses ,Satbari,

       7.       Dlf Farmhouses in DLF Chhattarpur, central drive,

       8.       Sultanpur Farms, Prakriti Marg, Bhattha road, Panchvati,etc

       9.       Gadaipur Farm,

      10.   Band /Ridge road farmhouse, 7th, 4th, 5th, 3rd avenue.

      11.   Radhe Mohan Drive Farmhouse,

      12.   Dera Mandi Roads, circular roads, harshringar lane, shisham lane.

      13.   Asola, Shanidham

      14.   Vasantkunj farmhouses, Kishangarh farmhouses, Green Avenue, Maal Road, Church Road.

      15.   Ghitorni Clubdrive road and Silver oak , road no. 1, 2, 3,& 4




1.       Country club Panchgama ,

2.        Manesar,

3.        Faridabad



1. Embassy & farmhouse occupied by embassy personnel’s.

2. Industrialist & farmhouse occupied by them or their renter

3. Businessman occupied Farmhouse.




Sites located over 50 km from Delhi





 We are a professional team headed by Mr.Sanjay Kumar; a landscape horticulturist. He is working since 1994 onward in Delhi & NCR after obtaining degree from BHU, Varanasi. He has worked for several different sites. He has experience on over number of sites. These are:

1.       To develop a new site, including planning, designing, cost estimating, quantity estimating, work execution etc.

2.       To maintain an old or new site on contract basis.

3.       To  improve landscape horticulture of an old site ,

4.       To install modern irrigation systems like drip, sprinklers or desi type on new or old sites on contract basis.

5.       Sites with 100% Organic farming operations for edible plants like fruits, vegetables, cereals, oilseeds etc.

He operates from Motibagh,  Jaunapur in Mehrauli , West End  Main barrier in Rangpuri,  Golokdham in Bijwasan.